RL 1600 Rug Wringer Centrifuge

FOR THE LARGE SIZE CARPETS AND RUGS, WE HAVE RL 1600 RUG CARPET WRINGER CENTRIFUGE. With 48 cm (19 inches) inner drum diameter and 4,1 meters (13,4 ft) inner drum length it is the right solution to rinse and dry even the biggest size of carpets.

With rinsing connection on the lid the rug/carpet wringing centrifuge machines rinse the carpets effectively and carpets dry up to 95% just in 5-6 minutes. Centrifuge wringer driers are the most effective, productive solution for large volume carpet and area rug rinse and dry tasks.


  • Voltage                          : 380 volt – 50Hz / 60Hz
  • Motor power                  : 11 Kw – 15 HP
  • Motor speed                   : 1740 rpm
  • Drum speed                   : 1100 rpm
  • Soft-start                        : Yes
  • Inner drum diameter      : 480 mm
  • Iner drum lenth              : 4200 mm
  • Dimensions                    : 120 cm *475 cm*165 cm
  • Weight                            : 850 kg


Freshly washed wet carpets are rolled and placed into the carpet wringing centrifuge ( spin dryer) machines,through time adjusted role, in aproximately 2-3 minutes carpet comes out five persent humid. Then it requires to be left for drying for some hours before it is ready for delivering.Colors do not mix. Signs of folding does not occur. Centrifugal Wringer system allows carpets to come out like they are ironed. It runs quiet and smoothly.

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