Carpet Dehumidifier

Cleanvac DRY60 Carpet dehumidifiers makes carpet & area rug drying faster. After washing and wringing carpets in rug wringer centrifuges, carpets and area rugs come out about 5% humid, and requires hanging and keeping them for about 24-48 hours depending on the weather conditions for getting them 100% dry. However, using carpet dehumidifiers shorten this period down to about 7-8 hours only.

Having a drying room and using carpet dehumidifier in this room is very useful and ideal solution to avoid longer delivery times. This will make a business much more profitable. The carpet drying capacity of the machine is 250-300m² within 7-8 hours.

  • 3 hp compressor power
  • 13500 kcal heat
  • 220 V – 1400 rpm fan
  • 380 V 50 Hz operating power source
  • 7-8 hours dry time
  • Dimensions: (wxlxh) 80x127x161 cm

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