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De-Dusting Rugs is the very first and very important stage of the Rug Cleaning process . Most of the Professional rug cleaners always de-dust rugs before moving on to any other treatment involving water and chemicals. There have been different techniques to do de-dusting of rugs. See Our Automated Rug Duster Machines and ask for quotation. Let us help you choose the right size of rug duster.

Manual Rug Duster MD 80

cleanvac - manual - rug - beater

MD 80 CLEANVAC Manual Rug Carpet Duster The manual carpet dusting machine is a must-have for any commercial carpet and rug cleaning company. It is the perfect solution for removing dust off the rugs and carpets prior to washing, ensuring better and deeper cleaning. This machine is an affordable investment for companies looking to offer […]

Updated: April 5, 2023 — 12:55 pm

Automatic Rug Duster

RUG – CARPET AUTOMATED DUST REMOVAL BY HTM SERIES RUG DUSTERS AUTOMATIC CARPET DUSTING MACHINE Sizes available from 210 cm(6,89 ft) to 420 cm (13,78 ft) according to maximum rug size to be de-dusted. It is recommended to use rug duster machine before washing process in order to eliminate excess quantitiy of dust on the […]

Updated: March 22, 2023 — 1:54 pm