Category: Automatic Carpet Washing Machines

Industrial and commercial carpet & area rug washing machines. Automated console (table) type and ground railed type rug washing machines for carpets and area rugs from sizes 2,6 meters width to 4,2 meters width. Our expertise in carpet washing solutions will enhance and grow your rug cleaning business. Productive yet affordable automatic machines for all your in-plant rug cleaning purposes.

Carpet Packing Machine


Carpet Packing Machine is doing the final sweeping process before delivery of the carpets to customers. Also carpet cleaner who wants to do the last control of cleaning uses this model in order to remove the piles generated after brushing in washing process. Those Cleanvac Carpet Finishing & Packing Machine models are also called final […]

Updated: March 22, 2023 — 1:31 pm

Quilt & Blanket Washing Machine

Cleanvac blanket washing machine is an industrial type washing machine used by companies providing carpet washing. Today, there are blankets and quilts in the houses as many as carpets and rugs. Also these carpets gets so much dirt and do not fit into home type washing machines.Cleanvac YB30 model does wash 40kg blanket and quilt […]

Updated: October 2, 2019 — 11:22 am

Combi Model Carpet Washing and Drying Machine

       Cleanvac Combined Model Automatic Carpet Washing & Drying Machine is designed very compact for the small and narrow carpet washing facilities. Carpet washers who is in laundry and dry cleaning business do not have large space for installing the machines seperatly. Our automatic carpet washing and drying machine provides them save from […]

Updated: March 22, 2023 — 1:32 pm

Basic Carpet Washing Machine

Our new and very popular carpet rug washing machine series BASIC is a solution for companies who are beginner in carpet rug cleaning and do not want to invest high costs on advanced equipment or companies who need to upgrade manual carpet rug washing to a point between manual washing and full automatic washing. Main […]

Updated: March 22, 2023 — 1:35 pm

Battery Powered Carpet Lift & Carrier

battery powered carpet rug lift and carrier

LFT 500 is a battery powered carpet & area rug lift and carry machine, that makes much easier the carrying of heavy carpets and moving them from one point to another. For professional carpet cleaning companies it is the best solution to handle heavy carpets & area rugs and saves on labor cost. Easy movement […]

Updated: July 2, 2019 — 10:38 am

Automatic Carpet Washing Machine

Full automatic type, through-feed carpet and area rug washing machine with conveyor. Rug goes through the machine, washed and cleaned automatically and very effectively. SAVE ON COSTS. BE MORE PRODUCTIVE AND PROFITABLE by using automatic table type carpet washing machines. Automatic carpet washing machine is a totally automated effective and durable carpet and rug washing […]

Updated: March 22, 2023 — 1:50 pm

Automatic Rug Washing Machines

  Automatic industrial solution for rug cleaners. In-plant carpet washing made easier, faster, all automated. Save on costs. Make your carpet rug cleaning business more professional, more productive and profitable by using our industrial automatic carpet washing machines. The automatic carpet washing machine moves on the rails and shampoos, brushes and washes area rugs and […]

Updated: August 23, 2019 — 4:41 pm