RL 1400 A Footed Rug Wringing Centrifuge



Carpet and area rug wringer centrifuges come in different inner drum lengths between 2,7 m (8,85 ft) and 4,2 m ( 13,8 ft) as standard and even up to 5 meters (16,4 ft) versions can be made upon customer request.

With rinsing connection on the lid the rug/carpet wringing centrifuge machines rinse the carpets effectively and carpets dry up to 95% just in 2-3 minutes. Centrifuge wringer driers are the most effective, productive solution for large volume carpet and area rug rinse and dry tasks.

As we can see, wringer centrifuges does not only provide convenient and efficient drying and rinsing of Rugs up to %95 only in a few minutes but also help increase the quality of rug cleaning while reducing the costs of labor and time waste. This is why it is the best investment a professional rug cleaner can do for his rug cleaning business


View from operation of RL 1400 A Rug Wringer Centrifuge

In today’s world manual rinsing and drying solutions still used by many carpet rug cleaners but these methods do not provide any competitive advantage and it really takes much time while a rug wringer centrifuge is much more faster and helps save on costs of labor force and time.

Although carpet wringer centrifuge solutions we offer are very helpful and even indispensable to the carpet cleaners they are realy affordable and solid.

2,7 (8,85 ft) Meters inner drum version of RL 1400 A Footed Rug Wringing Centrifuge:

  1. Stainless steel drum
  2. 270 (8,85 ft) cm inner drum length
  3. 38 cm (15”) Inner Drum Diameter
  4. 110 cm wide
  5. Galvanized outer Drum
  6. Electrostaticaly painted
  7. Quiet running and less vibrations than wheeled types
  8. Labour saving
  9. Time saving
  10. Rinse option as standard
  11. Dimensions W/L/H 110/340/155 cm
  12. Motor Speed: 1400 rpm.
  13. Inner drum Speed: 1200 rpm.
  14. Motor power: 5.5 kW / 7.5hp

Freshly washed wet carpets are rolled and placed into the carpet wringing centrifuge ( spin dryer) machines,through time adjusted role, in aproximately 2-3 minutes carpet comes out five persent humid. Then it requires to be left for drying for some hours before it is ready for delivering.Colors do not mix. Signs of folding does not occur. Centrifugal Wringer system allows carpets to come out like they are ironed. It runs quiet and smoothly.

Available Sizes for RL 1400 A Footed Rug Wringing Centrifuge:

  • 2,7 meters inner drum length
  • 3,2 meters inner drum length
  • 3,7 meters inner drum length
  • 4,2 meters inner drum length
  • Bigger sizes like 5 meters available upon request. Ask for a Quote please!



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