Combi Model Carpet Washing and Drying Machine

       Cleanvac Combined Model Automatic Carpet Washing & Drying Machine is designed very compact for the small and narrow carpet washing facilities. Carpet washers who is in laundry and dry cleaning business do not have large space for installing the machines seperatly. Our automatic carpet washing and drying machine provides them save from place with maximum carpet cleaning capacity.

       The machine has carpet pool which has been provided with the machine makes the carpet soft and ease them to wash and clean properly. Thanks to adjustable level of the brushes, any kind of carpet can be cleaned flawless except for silk carpets or rugs.

Washing process is about 7-8 minutes for any standard sized carpet (6m²) and then carpet comes out in roll at the end of the machine after washing then wringing and drying takes about 4-5 minutes which depends on the carpet thickness and shampoo on it. Carpet rinsing process is also included in the feature of the machine.



The rug washing machine has also three different sizes upon various carpet width. Cleanvac also provides alternative options and features for your business to be easier.

Why to choose automatic carpet washing machine ?

• Maximum cleaning quality
• Easy to use and maintain
• Save up to 80% on water, detergent and labor costs
• Washing and squeezing of carpets up to 600 – 1500 m2 per day
• Minimum 95% dryness is achieved
• Quiet and smooth operation
• Poly-emissive covers technology that prevents drum and cap wear
• Self-regulating, external-powered, electro less board
• Rinse ability during squeezing process

• Mono-Phase and Three-Phase Options

We make the vacuum function to increase the cleaning quality for foamy and over-dusted carpets. Vacuum power is 5.000 Watts with it’s specific accesories as shown in the video linked below ;