We are looking for distributors and resellers worldwide for our professional rug cleaning machines.

Become a dealer for our wide range of carpet cleaning machines including automatic duster machines, automatic in-plant area rug & carpet washing machines, rug wringing centrifuge machines(spin dryers) , de-humidifiers, manual rotary hard floor and carpet cleaners, carpet & upholstery steam cleaners. Be one of our resellers / distributors and benefit from our support and wide range of offerings.

We export to more than 75 countries, having thousands of machines running all over the world.

USA, UK, Germany, France, Austria, Brazil, Romania, Kosova, Albania, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Jordan, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Azarbaijan, Kazakhistan, Israel, Canada, Greece, Spain, Italy, Finland, Netherland, Russia, Kenya, South Africa, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Sudan, Ireland, Poland, Slovakia, Portugal, Moldova, Switzerland, Serbia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Australia, India, Lebanon, Morocco, Bosnia, Mongolia, Italy, India and more…

Please contact us and ask for more details. Know if your country is open for distributorship or what kind of co-operation we have to offer to your company.

Besides our range of carpet cleaning and washing equipment we also manufacture, pressure washers, steam car washing machines, floor scrubbers, street sweepers, industrial vacuum cleaners, and more cleaning equipment.

We would be glad to see your company among our resellers and distributors.

Please contact us for more details:


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