Full Automatic Carpet Washing Machine

Full automatic carpet washing machine, through-feed carpet and area rug washing machine with conveyor. Rug goes through the machine, washed and cleaned automatically and very effectively.

SAVE ON COSTS. BE MORE PRODUCTIVE AND PROFITABLE by using automatic table type carpet washing machines.

Automatic carpet washing machine is a totally automated effective and durable carpet and rug washing solution achieving highest capacities. Equipped with 8 disc brushes, and 2 roll brushes – one of roll brushes both washes the rug and removes feather and dust off the rug surface, while other roll brush of the rug washing machine washes and cleans the bottom surface of the rugs and carpets.

With its rinsing system of 150 bars pressure,it takes the detergent and shampoo residue out of the carpet.Detergent, shampoo and water quantities adjusted through control panel.

Right-left moving speeds of the conveyor and brushes can also be adjusted.



CLEANVAC  BRS – F  260/320/420
technical specifications
type automatic carpet washer
electrical specifications
  BRS 260 F BRS 320 F BRS 420 F
total power 20kW 20kW 25kW
voltage 3~ 380V 3~ 380V 3~ 380V
frequency 50Hz-60Hz 50Hz-60Hz 50Hz-60Hz
mechanical specifications
size(wxlxh) 290x203x205 (cm) 360x290x205 (cm) 450x330x205(cm)
number of disc brushes 8 8 8
number of roll brushes 2 2 2
maximum carpet width 260cm 320cm 420cm
conveyor speed 0-7 (m/min) 0-7  (m/min) 0-7 (m/min)
brush speed 140 (rpm) 140 (rpm) 140(rpm)
material stainless chrome / fiber stainless chrome / fiber stainless chrome / fiber
water consumption 24-60 L/m2 25-50 L/m2 26-40 L/m2
cleaning capacity 85-200 m2/min 110-280 m2/min 140-330 m2/min
other features
touchscreen control vacuum –optional
carpet rolling at the end rinsing