Carpet & Upholstery Steam Cleaner

ISV 2800 S carpet rug and upholstery steam cleaner


Introducing our advanced ISV 2800 S carpet and upholstery steam cleaner, designed to produce up to 150-170 degrees of steam via its steam generator. This high-temperature steam dissolves dirt, grime, and stains in a short amount of time, leaving no wetness on surfaces. Additionally, the moisture created by steam quickly evaporates, leaving your carpets and upholstery completely dry.

Our carpet and upholstery steam cleaner not only provides a high quality of cleaning but also disinfects surfaces with its 150 degrees of heat, eliminating any harmful bacteria or germs that may be lurking on your carpets or upholstery.

This machine is easily maneuverable, robust, and lightweight, making it ideal for carpet washing companies, car detailing shops, hotels, mosques, and large carpet-covered areas. With a carpet cleaning capacity of 30-60 m2 per hour, you can efficiently clean large areas with ease.

The ISV series features separate fresh-waste water tanks, allowing for easy filling and discharge of water separately. This unique feature ensures a clean and efficient cleaning process, without the need for messy buckets or hoses.

Our ISV 2800 S model is the perfect solution for tough stains and heavy dirt on your carpets and upholstery. With its hot water feature and high suction power generated by 2 pieces of industrial-type interconnected engines, even the most stubborn stains and dirt are no match for this powerful steam cleaner.

Invest in our advanced ISV 2800 S carpet and upholstery steam cleaner today and take your carpet cleaning business to the next level!

Technical specifications of ISV 2800 S steam carpet and upholstery cleaner:

CLEANVAC  ISV  2800S / C90
Tip (type) carpet and rug cleaning machines with hot water or steam
Technical Specifications
  ISV 2800S C90
Electrical Specifications 
Power 3,55 kW 2,95 kW
  Vacuum Motor 1200 W 1200 W
Boiler 2250 W 1750 W
Voltage  220 V 380 V
K. M. S. A.* (f. r.) 25A 25A
Mechanical Specification
Dimension 55x60x116 (cm) 40x50x60 (cm)
Weight 40 (kg) 24 (kg)
Clean water tank cap. 20 L 5 L
Dirty water tank cap. 35 L 7 L
Cleaning Specification
Steam Pressure 6 bar 4 bar
Max. Tempeture 170 celcius 170 celcius
Steam per hour 21 L/p.h 14 L/p.h
Heating Time 3-4 min (min) 3-4 min (min)
Other Specifications
Aparatus                                 Carpet & Sofa Carpet & Sofa


With its hot water feature tough stains and heavy dirt is removed from the surface of the carpet and seats. Dirty water can also be vacuumed wıth a high suction power generated by 2 pieces of industrial type interconnected engines.

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