Combi Model Automatic Carpet Washing & Drying Machine

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A combination of carpet spin and automatic washing machine. The new BRS – COMBI model with its ergonomic design, durable stainless chrome body and advanced technology; offers practical solutions for businesses wishing to wash their carpets quickly and with a narrow working area. Moreover, this type of conveyor belt washing product is also very useful in terms of work.


• Maximum cleaning quality
• Easy to use and maintain
• Save up to 80% on water, detergent and labor costs
• Washing and squeezing of carpets up to 600 – 1500 m2 per day
• Minimum 95% dryness is achieved
• Quiet and smooth operation
• Poly-emissive covers technology that prevents drum and cap wear
• Self-regulating, external-powered, electro less board
• Rinse ability during squeezing process

• Mono-Phase and Three-Phase Options


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