Rug & Carpet Dust Removing Machines

De-Dusting Rugs is the very first and very important stage of the Rug Cleaning process . Most of the Professional rug cleaners always de-dust rugs before moving on to any other treatment involving water and chemicals. There have been different techniques to do de-dusting of rugs. See Our Automated Rug Duster Machines and ask for quotation. Let us help you choose the right size of rug duster.

Automatic Carpet Dusting Machine

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Studies have proven that 50 to 100g of dust is noticed to come out of every average 6 sqm rug that goes trough dusting machines. Dusting rugs before washing reduces the time ,water and detergents needed to reach ultimate cleaning. 300 to 500 sqm carpets can be de-dusted in7 about an hour through Automatic duster. […]

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